Saturday, January 1, 2011

promises promises

I will not apologize for my feelings to anyone, regarding anything. Write a one act play. share myself in a real way again. come from a place of yes. treat writing like a career I will not wear a scarlet letter. Dress the way I see myself. Go back to school. Take some kind of vocal lesson. Stop trying to earn back people who do not deserve me. Mend my heart. Apologize to those who deserve it, let go of those who don't. Blog. Read Literature as much as possible. Create a youtube channel. I do not hide how I feel in order to protect relationships. Choose my words carefully. Think of myself as woman, not a girl. Ask for help when I need it. Forgive her. I will continue to let my heart be my compass. Have sex again. Write lyrics and don't be afraid to share them with others. Further my independence. Little victories. Journal the way I used to. Take care of and love my body. Perform at an open mic night. Tattoo. I will not apologize when it's not my fault. Write letters to adrienne weekly. I will allow my self to experience my emotions as they are happening , regardless of what they are. Love Fearlessly. Reclaim my life.

These are promises I've made myself, the things I wrote all over my 2011 poster. Vows I made to myself, definitions of who I am that I'm going to live by, things I aspire to, things to remind myself. This blog, is not going to be a blog for me to lament and complain about 201o. This is not what this is.

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